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What to Expect When
You're Expecting a Home Inspection

Wondering what to expect before, during and after your home inspection? There's typically a lot to coordinate before an inspection happens. Multiple schedules have to line up and the home should be properly prepared so we can conduct as thorough inspection as possible. Click here for valuable information to help guide you through the process. Not only will it give you peace of mind, but it will help the entire process run smoother.

Real Estate Investor Friendly

At Home Navigator, we understand the hurdles involved in real estate investing and how finding the right team is crucial for your investing success. We have first-hand knowledge of the crucial role that initial rehab estimates can play in the overall success of an investment property. Click here for a list of great reasons to contact us before purchasing your next investment property in West Virginia.

Helpful Links

Below you'll find some helpful instruction manuals, guides, technical bulletins, and more. These resources provide great references to reinforce issues found during a home inspection. Deficiencies related to items and components found in the references below should not be viewed as an all-inclusive listing of such deficiencies as a home inspection is not exhaustive. That’s why it is important to follow recommendations for further evaluations and repairs made in the home inspection report.

Deck Construction Guide

DCA-6, deck construction guide

James Hardie Best Practices Guide

Fiber Cement Guide, Hardieboard siding

EIFS Builders Guide

EIFS Guide

Doubled Neutrals Document

Doubled Neutrals Document

I-Joist Installation Guide

I-Joist instructions

MVMA 5th Edition

adhered manufactured stone veneer

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