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Inspection Reports

Your inspection report will be easy to read and clear to understand. Your report will be available within 24 hours of the home inspection. ​Select a sample report to read below. Click to view the full report or the summary.

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We use Spectora home inspection software.

The latest cloud-based technology, easy to read, interactive reports, a customizable repair request builder, all make for the best possible home inspection report available for you and your home.

2019 Raised Ranch

The sample report below is from an actual inspection of a 2019 raised ranch. This home was reconstructed on an original poured concrete foundation and features a cathedral ceiling with a partial crawlspace and a finished basement. This sample report includes common truss alterations as well as some deck defects. This client was willing to tackle some repairs himself, so some defects, such as GFCI receptacles, are marked at a lower severity than they would be for a client unwilling to make such repairs.

2019 raised ranch sample inspection report
2019 raised ranch sample inspection summary

Handy Homeowner Inspection

The sample report below is from an actual inspection where our client was a do-it-yourselfer. He wanted to perform many simple repairs himself, and he was already getting a great deal on the home we were inspecting. He wanted the report to reflect those facts, so you'll see quite a few "Handyman/DIY" recommendations.
This is a perfect example of how we custom tailor our reports to our client's needs. Had this client been less inclined to perform any repairs themselves, the "Handyman/DIY" recommendations would have been "Professional" recommendations, possibly increasing the severity of the issue.
We look forward to customizing an inspection report tailored specifically to you and your family's needs.

DIY homeowner sample inspection report
DIY homeowner sample inspection summary
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