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Investor Friendly

At Home Navigator, we understand the hurdles involved in real estate investing and how finding the right team is crucial for your investing success. We can relate because, not only are we inspectors, we're also investors.  We have first-hand knowledge of the crucial role that initial rehab estimates can play in the overall success of an investment property. Here's a list of great reasons to contact us before purchasing your next investment property in West Virginia:

  • A thorough, detailed inspection can shed light on thousands of dollars in rehab work that might otherwise go overlooked using a contractor to merely walk through.

  • An inspection can be a useful tool to keep your contractors honest and their initial quotes more accurate.

  • West Virginia currently has no seller disclosure laws making a home inspection that much more important.

  • A detailed inspection report can highlight defects that make price negotiations that much easier for the seller to accept.

  • Our inspection reports include a customizable "Repair Request Builder" tool that makes it easy to pull individual defects from your report, create a repair list and add cost estimates.

If you're an out of state investor, the reasons to get an inspection listed above can't be emphasized enough. We have worked with many families buying in WV from out of state and we're happy to go the extra mile for someone buying a property sight unseen.  We'd be honored to be your eyes and ears for your next investment property in West Virginia.

Custom Tailored Inspections

We pride ourselves on custom tailored inspection reports. For an example, if our client is a DIY, handy around the house type person, we will typically lower the severity of items they're willing to fix themselves. On the contrary, if our client is elderly, a higher severity may be put on items like handrails and trip hazards.

We provide this same level of customization for investors. Let us know what's important to you and we'll work to create a report specifically tailored to your needs. If you plan to buy and hold your investment property with the intent of renting it out, you may have different areas of concern than an investor simply looking to flip that same property.

Our full reports are geared toward the typical home buyer who may only purchase a property a few times over the course of their entire lives. They provide a lot of homeowner details that a seasoned investor may not be interested in. Let us know the goals for your investment property, and we'll work to create a thorough, but also simple, streamlined report that's easy to read and tailored to your needs.

We also offer Individual System(s) and/or Component(s) Inspections! If your primary concerns are limited to just a few items; we can customize an inspection just for those items.

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